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Great review book and right on with Common Core standard. Although Answer key explanation has some error and does not explain well, I like the content with lots of open problem solving questions

I purchased the book for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. For my kids in different age groups, I wanted to give some math worksheets to improve their understanding of mathematical concepts.
1. The questions are of a high standard and are similar to the questions on the standardized tests.
2. There are many word problems to illustrate the application of mathematical concepts
3. The workbook is clearly divided into chapters, and the font is acceptable size, along with pictures for some of the word problems, making it easier for the kids to interpret
4. Answers for every question is explained in detail at the back of the book. This is a big plus about this book
I don't understand the negative reviews of this book. Better check the book inside & decide for yourself.

It had the right level of challenge for a 2nd grader. This book is quite a value for the money. It has neat illustrations and good explanation for the answers. Would definitely recommend.

This was bought for a grandchild entering kindergarten this year. I thought this would make a great learning tool.

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